Ball joints

The PSPM ball joint (patent no. 1860584) has been designed to compensate for the thermal and mechanical stresses that the engine and exhaust system must withstand during races. This flexible system is designed to make the exhaust system more reliable.
Advantages :
• Better range of motion (+/-9°) ; rotation on 3 axes
• Better reliability of the entire exhaust system
• Resistant to very high temperatures
• Customizable, according to the needs of the customers
• Extreme long life part
• Ease of integration in the engine compartment, especially on old exhaust systems that have moved with the thermal expansion and stress release
Weight :
• 40 (for a 1-1/2 inch) - 220 gr (for a 3-1/2 inch)
Material :
• Inconel 625, high temperature resistan
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